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May 31, 2022

Contact: Lonnie Scott,

New Poll: Michigan Voters Highly Opposed to ‘Let MI Kids Learn’ & Efforts to Bypass Voter Approval of Voucher Scheme

MICHIGAN – In an poll released Tuesday by EPIC-MRA, voter attitudes about the DeVos-backed “Let MI Kids Learn” initiative were distinctly negative, with most voters opposing the initiative and nearly all saying they wanted to have their say on the measure rather than the Legislature.

  • 93 percent of those polled knew little to nothing about the proposal when first asked.
  • Given a basic description of Let MI Kids Learn, respondents opposed the initiative by a margin of 48 percent to 36 percent. 
  • Provided more information about the harm the measure could do to schools, opposition grew to 64 percent, including 75 percent of Democrats, 63 percent of independents, and 55 percent of Republicans.
  • After learning of the loophole in Michigan law that allows the Legislature to pass ballot initiatives into law themselves, 92 percent of those polled think their lawmakers should vote “no” and allow voters to pass or reject it at the ballot box. If their legislator didn’t, 64 percent said they would be less likely to re-elect them.

“This polling makes it clear: Once Michiganders understand what the Let MI Kids Learn proposal would do to our public schools, they know it’s the wrong choice for our state,” said Lonnie Scott, spokesperson for For MI Kids, For Our Schools. “And even those who aren’t opposed to the proposal itself still think the Legislature should give voters the chance to decide at the polls instead of passing it into law themselves. Michigan voters believe in public schools, and they’re not interested in the DeVos education agenda. We remain committed to ensuring voters know the truth about this DeVos-backed voucher scheme, and we hope Republican lawmakers will heed this warning and let voters have their say in November.”


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Paid for with regulated funds by For MI Kids, For Our Schools, 7775 Ashton Woods Dr., Portage, MI 49024