The DeVos voucher proposal has been withdrawn!

According to the Michigan Secretary of State, the DeVos-backed voucher proposal has been withdrawn from consideration before the Board of State Canvassers! This is a huge victory for public school students, parents, educators and advocates.

Michiganders do not support efforts to defund public education and want to see more investment in our schools to ensure every student has what they need to thrive and educators have the resources they need in the classroom.

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About the

Ballot Proposal

The proposal has submitted the required amount of signatures, which could mean one of two things:

  1. The legislature chooses to pass the initiative themselves, which would mean that Gov. Whitmer cannot veto it and Michigan voters cannot vote on it at the ballot box.
  2. The legislature does not pass the initiative themselves, which would mean the initiative appears on the 2024 ballot and voters have their say.

Please join us to help strengthen our kids’ schools – so every child can receive the education they need to succeed. Contact your state lawmakers and ask them to vote NO if this DeVos-backed voucher scheme comes up for a vote.

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