Michigan parents and families want quality public schools where our kids can be nurtured and gain the education they need to thrive.

Schools across the state are struggling with a worsening teacher shortage and student mental health challenges. We must provide our kids with better-compensated educators, smaller class sizes, and support for their mental health and other critical needs.

But instead, billionaire Betsy DeVos and her allies are gathering signatures to jam through a school voucher scheme that would take away hundreds of millions a year from our kids’ schools for the benefit of for-profit private schools – all while giving her multimillionaire friends yet another massive tax break they don’t need. 

Parents and educators are standing together to defend our local schools from DeVos’ voucher scheme. Please join us to help strengthen our kids’ schools – so every child can receive the education they need to succeed. Do not sign the “Let MI Kids Learn” ballot initiative and demand that your state lawmakers not support it.

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For MI Kids, For Our Schools

Michigan kids deserve good public schools where they can get the education and skills they need to succeed in college and the workplace. 

Right now, our kids’ schools are facing a worsening educator shortage and student mental health struggles. We must provide our children with well-paid teachers and support staff, smaller class sizes and more mental health resources.  

For MI Kids, For Our Schools is dedicated to building a brighter future for Michigan children – and that’s why we’re fighting to defeat Betsy DeVos’ new school voucher scheme. 

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