DeVos vs. Public Ed

Billionaires like Betsy DeVos and her allies have spent decades trying to defund our neighborhood public schools and replace them with for-profit private schools. 

Our schools need resources to address the teacher shortage, provide mental health help and make our classrooms safe places for every student. But instead, DeVos is trying to force through a school voucher scheme that would take away hundreds of millions a year from our kids’ schools for the benefit of for-profit private schools – all while giving multimillionaires yet another massive tax break they don’t need.

DeVos’ proposal would strip resources away from our schools when they need them most.

Full length shot of diverse group of children sitting at table with male teacher in modern school classroom

DeVos’ new front group, deceptively called “Let MI Kids Learn,” is gathering signatures to push their voucher initiative through the state Legislature. If they gather enough signatures, Michigan citizens won’t even get a chance to vote on the proposal, nor will the governor be able to veto it, due to a legal loophole that DeVos is exploiting. All it would have to do is pass the House and Senate.

We need to spread the word: Do NOT sign DeVos’ petitions. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and faith community about the harm this proposal will do to our public schools

Below are some materials you can use to inform your friends, neighbors and loved ones:

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