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May 17, 2022

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Mike Pence on His Way to Stump for DeVos-backed Voucher Scheme

Parents react to the former VP’s involvement in this dangerous initiative

ROCHESTER HILLS – On Tuesday, former Vice President Mike Pence will speak at Lutheran Northwest, a school in Rochester Hills, MI, to show his support for the dangerous DeVos-backed effort to defund public schools. The For MI Kids, For Our Schools campaign and local parents are speaking out in response.

“We already knew Let MI Kids Learn was just another scheme by corporate interests like the DeVos family to defund public schools and funnel taxpayer dollars into private institutions,” said Lonnie Scott, spokesperson for For MI Kids, For Our Future. “Mike Pence’s involvement raises additional concerns about the campaign because of his history of marginalizing people, both as governor of Indiana and as vice president during Trump’s disastrous administration. Michiganders believe in public schools, and we will not accept these efforts by outside interests to attack public education in our state.”

While Pence is best known for being violently homophobic and transphobic, he has also consistently worked to undermine public schools and funnel public money into unaccountable private and charter schools.

“It’s one thing to choose to send your children to private school, but it’s quite another to expect public dollars to support your private institution,” said Erin Stepek, a parent from Allegan County. “Betsy DeVos is siphoning away taxpayers’ dollars that should be going to public schools that are open to all and serve more than 90 percent of Michigan kids. I wholeheartedly oppose the Let MI Kids Learn proposal, and I’m both disappointed and disgusted to see them giving Mike Pence a platform in our state.”

“I care about public schools, and I care about my community—including the LGBTQ+ community,” said Nicole Kessler, a parent from Oakland County. “Inviting Mike Pence to speak here is a slap in the face to everyone he has harmed over his long political career. I already opposed Let MI Kids Learn, because I believe public money should be for public schools, not corporate-run private and charter schools, but this is a new low.”

Scott continued, “We believe in providing a quality education to every kid, no matter who they are or where they live—and we know the best way to do that is by fully and equitably funding our public schools. We will not stand by and allow the DeVos family to defund public education in our state, and we remain committed to opposing the Let MI Kids Learn initiative.”


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